I liked my first order so much, I ordered another one as a gift for a friend. Stopped my migraine dead in its tracks. Keep up with the good products.
Thank you,
Linda B.
Bogart, GA
May 16, 2017

My ICE Down cold pack has been a blessing. It is wonderful for migraines. I researched for a quality product, not wanting to rebuy packs constantly. These packs are great for several reasons: adjustable small to long, use one while another refreezes, they are soft and form easily anywhere, plus the wrap secures them nicely. The biggest bonus is the warranty! Great customer service is a pleasure to deal with.
Etters, PA
May 8, 2017

Dear Ice Down:

Hallelujah, there is something that works for migraines. I have tried every pack there is. When I have episode I immediately get my pack and I have instant relief. I wish everyone who had migraines could experience what you have done to help relieve the pain. An outstanding product. I will be letting my friends know.
Thank you
Patria H.
Dewey, AZ
April 29, 2017

I rarely send in a testimonial, but I have been so impressed with your product that I felt compelled to write. About 2 years ago I purchased the head wrap ice-down for morning headaches. I found I was waking up each morning with a band of pain across my forehead, doctors were unable to pinpoint it to anything specific, and so I was popping a few aspirin each day upon waking. On day while "Googling" my problem, I found lots of forums indicating that people with similar issues were having success with cold therapy, and then I searched some more and found your site.

I ordered the Ice Down head wrap and have used it almost daily ever since. My morning pill-popping is a thing of the past. Upon arising, I grab it out of the freezer, throw it on, and within 15 to 20 minutes my headache is gone.

Recently I had a severe sinus infection (a rarity for me), and it arrived with very intense sinus pain above my eyes. Your head band wrap was a life-saver! I used it several times a day. Alternating the long ice packs with the 2 little ice packs that came with it, so I always had a cold compress available.

I am feeling much better today and decided that if I get so much use out of your product, my friends and family would as well. I just purchased 7 more. I am sending 1 each to my children and my niece and nephew. Being 30 somethings, they lead quite busy lives and will be anything but gentle with this product LOL. But I figured I have just been throwing it in and out of the freezer for years now, and ripping the Velcro open and shut almost daily, and it is still good as new ... so it will survive even their active lifestyles. One for my Sis, and the other 2 are for friends. One has migraines and I am hoping this will give her some added relief. I was initially tempted to keep the 7th one, but figure I probably don't need a back-up as the original seems indestructible :)
Over the last year or two, I have also used it for my husband's many mishaps ... he is a boater and at 60+ not quite as agile as he once was LOL. Add to his bumps and bruises, the woes of a visiting teen grandson .... well, a pain here and there and we are all fighting over who gets to use the "icey" You know, perhaps #7 should be mine after -all :)

This was a costly order for me. But I enjoy occasionally providing really quality products for my family ... items that I KNOW have survived the test of time and usefulness. I think your wraps will benefit them all for many years. Thank-you, in this age of disposables, for a truly quality product.
Therese S.
Mays Landing, NJ
April 24, 2017

GREAT PRODUCT! Thank you very much.
Robert B.
Redondo Beach, CA
April 10, 2017

I am writing to say how much I love my Ice Down for migraines. I've been suffering for quite a while with migraines and the Ice Down has been the only thing to give me relief.
It has given me the ability to finally get stuff done as you can wrap it around your head and still be able to walk and get work done. Before Ice Down I was stuck lying in bed with a huge uncomfortable ice pack that made a mess. Ice Down Is clean, comfortable and smart….it works!!!!! It hits all the right spots.
I'm so grateful as it has given me a new lease on life!!! Thank you so much for your invention I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering who needs relief and also the ability to move around, take care of kids and get house work done...
It is amazing!!!!!
Thank you
Tia T.
Los Angeles, CA
Jan 29, 2017

Excellent product!

My son-in-Law has terrible migraines. This wrap really helps! He can move around a bit while icing it which means he is flat on his back all day!
Chicago, IL
Jan 21, 2017

I have chronic migraines and I use this so much! I love it
S. Del Rio
Salinas CA
Jan 13, 2017

I'm very happy with this purchase. It's exactly what I thought it would be.
Sam S
Dallas TX
Dec 26, 2016

My son gets terrible migraines and he loves this!!
Kati M
Miami FL
Dec 15, 2016