Migraine Headache Remedy

The I.C.E. DOWN neoprene wrap is soft and pliable, and comfortably adjusts to fit. The ice packs are flexible and easily mold to the head or neck.

No Side Effects

Safe for children

Soft & Flexible

Fast Acting

Clinically Tested

Reduces Inflammation


A clinical study conducted at the University of California Medical Center produced these results.

Study Results
  • 73% of the patients improved
  • 83% would prefer using I.C.E DOWN instead of a drug
  • 76% stated I.C.E DOWN reduced pain and throbbing
  • 66% stated I.C.E DOWN lessened the severity of pain
  • 80% would recommend I.C.E DOWN to friends or family

Patient's comments made during the post-study impact on headaches

ICEDOWN is very helpful in the beginning of a headache. It gives me a very pleasant feeling and brings relief.

ICEDOWN gave me a relieving effect, sort of calming, it also helps with my nausea feeling, doesn't stop it but it helps."

I usually wake up with
headache but not after using

ICE DOWN relieves the pain at night, so I can sleep.

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Migraine Head Wrap
with ICE Packs

  • Includes Neoprene Wrap:
    27" X 3.5"
  • 3 FLEXIBLE-ICE Packs:
    Two 5" X 3" and
    One 11" X 3"

Product Code:1006

Price: $34.95
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Mini ICE Pack
(Two ICE Packs)

  • Includes Two FLEXIBLE-ICE Packs:
    5" X 3"

Product Code:1350

Price: $16.95
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XSmall ICE Pack
(Two ICE Packs)

  • Includes Two FLEXIBLE-ICE Packs:
    11" X 3"

Product Code:1080

Price: $23.95
Sale Price: $19.95
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