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Q. What does ICE DOWN do?

A. ICE DOWN draws the heat out. In other words it sets up a heat exchange pulling the heat out of the area of application thereby reducing inflammation. The benefits derived are an endorphin release, the body’s natural opiates which reduce pain, a reduction of inflammation and vasoconstriction. The same as the leading migraine drugs without side effects. No drug can cause the body to produce endorphins but ICE DOWN does.

Q. Does ICE DOWN have side effects?

A. No, unlike the drugs prescribed for migraine it has no side effects and can be used as often as needed.

Q. Is ICE DOWN addictive?

A. No, ICE DOWN is 100% natural, unlike medication prescribed for migraine that can and do create drug dependency and rebound headaches.

Q. Does the effectiveness of ICE DOWN decrease with frequency of use like many of the drugs taken for migraine?

A. No, ICE DOWN can be used over and over year after year or episode after episode without losing its effectiveness.

Q. Will my medical insurance pay for ICE DOWN?

A. It depends on your insurance carrier and it must be prescribed by a physician.